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Rider Forums

At each of our FEI Rides in 2011, we will be conducting a Riders Forum. These forums  will be positive, motivational and provide Riders with the opportunity to debate workable ideas for the International section of our Sport. Some Riders will bring ideas, some will listen to ideas. We will ensure that these forums are positive and constructive providing real chances for ideas to be
considered and Riders to become more involved.

  • Agenda at Riders discretion.
  • Keep Riders informed.
  • Stronger voice for riders.
  • Support AES and NESC initiatives.
  • Working together
  • Being more structured in dealing with problems.
  • Guests invited

Schedule for the first Forum - Saturday the 19th February at 10.00 am.
(Between the 1 and 2** Rides at the Zalman Challenge)